Brian Maienschein


Brian Maienschein

A proven leader who works across party lines, Brian Maienschein brings a record of getting things done for San Diego.

Brian grew up in San Diego County and has been a leading voice for our region, fighting for safe communities, defending Planned Parenthood, addressing health care needs, supporting small businesses, expanding workers’ rights, and protecting our environment. Brian has secured millions of dollars in funding for San Diego to improve local parks, expand health services, support community patrols and renovate senior centers.

Brian attended law school in San Diego, graduating from Cal Western School of Law. He worked as a law clerk in San Diego Superior Court on the criminal court and mental health calendars before entering private practice. Brian is a law school professor, teaching election law at University of San Diego.

As Chair of the California State Assembly Judiciary Committee, Brian oversaw the creation of state laws that guide our judicial system. He wrote landmark legislation that transformed California’s conservatorship system to protect individuals with disabilities and help those with mental health issues and substance use disorders get treatment. In 2023, he won tougher prison sentences for sex trafficking crimes against children and worked with the Attorney General on laws to protect consumers.

Having spent nearly 15 years as a single dad, Brian understands the pressures families face. Brian has a strong record of opposing new and higher taxes. In the State Assembly he has worked to promote gun violence prevention, securing over $2 million to further the San Diego City Attorney’s gun violence prevention efforts. Brian has taken the lead on many of the laws related to domestic violence, sexual predators, illegal guns, environmental and consumer protections.  

Prior to the Assembly, Brian served as the San Diego Commissioner on Homelessness. Brian created Project 25, an innovative pilot program for people experiencing homelessness coupling permanent housing with intensive individualized support. The program was effective in getting people off the street into housing, saved the taxpayers millions annually and received numerous awards for its success.

Brian served two terms on the San Diego City Council. He spearheaded the development and opening of State Route 56 and led numerous infrastructure improvements throughout the City of San Diego. He also preserved over 11,000 acres in the San Pasqual Valley from development.


After the devastating Cedar and Witch Creek wildfires, Brian led the recovery and rebuilding efforts. He created a one-stop disaster hub for victims that served as a national model for disaster response, uniting government agencies and services to support those impacted by fires.

Before running for City Council, Brian helped develop San Diego’s Youth Court, bringing together community service agencies, schools and law enforcement to provide intervention and help youth in crisis. He served as Youth Court’s Executive Director and received the District Attorney’s Crime Victims’ Rights Award for the program’s success.

Brian attended elementary, middle and high school in San Diego County. He graduated from University California, Santa Barbara, before returning to San Diego, where he earned his law degree from California Western Law School. Brian lives in San  Diego with his wife, Elly, and daughters, Taylin and Brenna, who are his proudest accomplishments.


Clean Money Champion

from the California Clean Money Action Fund for his record of standing up to special interests

Reproductive Health Care Champion

from Planned Parenthood for his 100% Planned Parenthood Legislative Voting Record

Guardian of Small Business

from the United Way of California for his exceptional service to California’s children and families

Maternal Mental Health Champion

from Maternal Mental Health Now for his work on Maternal Mental Health Legislation

Legislator of the Year

from California Collaboration Lawyers Association for his work supporting the legal community.

Civil Justice Ally

from the Civil Justice Association of California for promoting a fair, balanced civil justice system.

Rare Voice Award

from Rare Disease Legislative Advocates for his outstanding advocacy for the rare disease community

Humane Hero Compassion Award

from San Diego Humane Society for supporting animal friendly legislation

California Housing Hall of Fame

from California Housing Consortium for his work fostering the creation of affordable housing

Legislative Champion Award

from March of Dimes for leadership in improving the health of women, children and infants in California

Assembly Advocate Award

from Easter Seals California for his work on behalf of children and adults with disabilities

Housing Package Award

from Habitat for Humanity California for his work on affordable housing


Secured funding for a pilot project with Rady Children’s Hospital and Genomics Institute to provide genomics testing for babies with rare diseases

Won tougher sentences for sex trafficking crimes against children

Founded and served as Executive Director of San Diego’s Youth Court

Secured over $2 million to further San Diego’s gun violence prevention efforts

Created Project 25 which saved the San Diego taxpayers millions of dollars by getting homeless individuals off the street and into housing with supportive services

Passed first-in-the-nation legislation requiring OBGYNs to screen new and expectant mothers for Maternal Mental Health Disorders

Brought more than half a million dollars to Feeding San Diego and the San Diego Food Bank to
help their response to the Covid-19 Pandemic

Worked across party lines to preserve access to Medi-Cal

Spearheaded the development of State Route 56

Preserved over 11,000 acres of San Pasqual Valley
Provided $500,000 in state funding for Retired Senior Volunteer Patrols serving San Diego County
Led the response and recovery efforts for the 2003 Cedar Fire and 2007 Witch Creek Fire